In a culture steeped in sexual repression, an atmosphere where most of what we have learned about sex & sexuality has come from warped media images, much of what we have experienced sexually may have been unfulfilling, unsatisfying and or abusive.   It's difficult to know how to step out of the cycle of repetition, going through the motions and into a conscious sexuality that is authentic and natural to us.

How do we wake up to an experience of sexuality that opens us not only to true intimacy, sensuality and pleasure, but also into a profound space of awakening that transforms everything in our lives? Connected intimacy and sexuality is a beautiful path to Spiritual awakening and the feeling of oneness.

My coaching style is gentle, intuitive, honest, direct and empowering. It can be as simple as a shift in thinking that will allow you to enjoy your full sensual potential. 

I consider it an honor to assist you in experiencing a more satisfying and fulfilling intimate relationship with yourself and with your partner.


transforming the dynamics in the bedroom with simple suggestions or movements so that your partner knows how to please you, consistently.


feeling confident about your ability to give and receive pleasure!